When should sending customer care messages be effective?

Customer care messages are one of the most effective marketing methods today. However, many businesses still do not understand the principles of sending customer care messages effectively! Let’s find out with Lokas through the time frames you should send customer care messages for maximum effectiveness through the article below!

Time to send effective customer care messages:

A good time to message a customer list is when the customer is at work or free. Avoid rest or evening time because this is the time when customers will be very uncomfortable when reading advertising messages.

The sending time frame you can refer to is as follows:

Sending time is from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and from 13:30 to 14:00 on weekdays except Sunday.

You also need to pay attention to the frequency of sending customer care messages. You should only send it to a customer once a week, or maybe twice a week. But no more, sending too much will cause loss of sympathy and you are almost abusing the phone’s notifications to remind customers of a service.


Some notes when using old customer care messages:

Maintain continuous customer care

According to some research statistics, the majority of the business’s revenue comes from taking care of old customers. However, it is not necessary to send daily messages to spam customers, but this activity needs to take place continuously for a certain period of time. Be it a customer’s birthday, holiday, promotion…

The content of the message is suitable for each audience

Each customer will have different levels of interest and needs. Businesses need to know information about their customers such as interests and gender, so that they can deploy the message content accordingly. People should classify customers into two groups: a group of customers who buy in a short time and a group of customers who are interested but have not bought yet to have a reasonable implementation plan.


Take care of customers even when they don’t buy

Taking care of customers with regular messages has a huge impact on the psychology of customers, regardless of whether they have purchased or never purchased from the business. Thanks to the dedicated care, customers will feel that they are cared for, have more sympathy for the brand and certainly if there is the right product, they will be the first shoppers.

Suggest customers spread the company’s message

In addition to sending messages to inquire, care and take care of old customers, businesses also need to offer suggestions or promotions on how customers can introduce and spread the message. of the company to friends and relatives thereby creating new potential customers for the business.

Suggestions for sending customer care messages for each target group:

Groups of old customers who are interested and buy products in a short time:

This group of customers is often in the group of potential old customers. Therefore, they really need to be “taken care of”. For example, the content that interacts after they make a purchase such as:

  • Ask for product feedback.
  • Solve problems when using the product.
  • Address issues such as warranties and instructions for best usage.
  • Advice on accompanying products
  • Schedule the arrival of new or similar products or innovative products from the company.


Group of customers who are interested in the product but have not bought it, or have not bought it for a long time:

  • For this group of customers, we need to find out and also continue to subdivide this group further.
  • If the customer has not purchased the product because there is not much product information, then actively introduce the best benefits that the product can bring.
  • If customers are confused about the price, you can introduce coupons or vouchers or guide customers to gain incentives.
  • If customers are less interested in the product before, find out what their needs are and can convert the interaction to other products.

The above are suggestions for sending effective customer care messages for businesses. Hopefully the article will bring useful information on the topic of customer care messages!

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