Which areas should use SMS OTP service and the benefits of using it?

SMS OTP service  is one of the indispensable security layers because it helps protect users’ accounts effectively. SMS OTP service is one of SMS Brandname’s customer care messages. SMS OTP service is specialized for the purposes that need fast speed as follows:

  • Use OTP (One Time Pass) password authentication
  • Use new account authentication, order confirmation. Apply on e-commerce sites, systems (website, app/game, CRM, ERP…)
  • Use emergency alerts or notifications and take care of your customers.


What types of SMS OTPs are included?

  • Token:  Is an electronic device that the account holder is issued when opening a payment account at the Bank. It can automatically spawn without a network connection. If you use this form, you will have to pay an additional fee to make a Token machine. Introducing some banks that have Token security services such as ACB, HSBC, Sacombank, etc.
  • Smart OTP:  This is an OTP generator application that you can install on phones with Android or iOS operating systems. After registering an account on the application and successfully activating, this application will work similar to Token.
  • Voice OTP : This is a form of getting OTP code that has appeared recently. With this form, the system automatically calls the phone number you registered to use to provide a one-time password according to the pre-recorded file.


Which areas should use SMS OTP?

Almost all websites or apps currently use SMS OTP service to secure accounts for customers.

Some occupations of application services to send OTP messages such as:

  • Finance – Banking: login code, account verification code, transaction verification code, Internet Banking…
  • Hospitals, clinics: Information on examination schedules, ordinal numbers, results, etc.
  • Applications, games: login code, code, reset password, captcha…
  • Transport: order code, order status, …

What are the benefits of using SMS OTP service?

  • SMS OTP service is a way of 2-factor authentication, reducing the risk of information being stolen. Adding an extra layer of security to the login procedure further enhances the security of the software, application or website.
  • After each OTP message sent to the user usually attach the validity of the code. So if you accidentally reveal the old OTP code along with the password of any account such as a bank account, etc., don’t worry about losing your money.
  • SMS OTP service is used by many domestic and foreign businesses. Typically, e-commerce sites, social networks, and banks apply to confirm, perform transactions and log in to accounts. Thereby, the SMS OTP sending service brings the best information security to users.
  • Combined with the form of sending a message with the brand name and business name in the sender section. Help OTP messages increase the value of the recipient’s identity safely when using the code.


Advantages of using Lokas SMS OTP service:

  • Integrate SMS OTP quickly from only 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Cost savings (prices vary depending on carrier, quantity).
  • Extremely fast sending speed, supporting private channels for large projects
  • Support simple procedure of registering Brandname to send SMS OTP
  • The API system is simple, reliable and easy to integrate into any system.
  • Customer care team is dedicated 24/7 to answer all questions.

Above are the information and applications of the SMS OTP service, hopefully the article will bring you useful information. If your business is looking for an SMS Brandname service provider, call center system, SEO Google, please contact Lokas immediately for a free consultation!

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