Why do businesses need to use customer care messaging service?

Customer care messaging service is one of the important links in the SMS Marketing campaign, by marketing through text messages. This is a messaging service that allows businesses to continue to promote products, provide preferential policies or necessary information to loyal customers who have a history of using the product or registered to participate. join the business.

What is the use of customer care messaging service?

Especially for businesses operating in the field of services and utilities, customer care messaging service is extremely important. Customer care messaging service helps retain customers effectively. Besides, customer care messaging service helps to connect, keep relationships and can market new products of the business quickly.

Currently, most businesses focus on investing in customer care messaging services. Because maintaining customer loyalty to businesses in today’s competitive landscape is not easy. Therefore, businesses need to invest in marketing types that help connect with customers to benefit businesses.


What should the content of the customer care messaging service have?

To achieve good promotion effect, businesses need to understand the elements required in the content when using customer care messaging services to send messages appropriately and accurately. As a result, customers can easily grasp the information sent by the business, limiting the feeling of being disturbed. Although brief, a message sent to a customer needs to include the following elements:

  • Greetings
  • The content you want to convey such as: thank you for using the service, promotions, incentives, how to participate, but it should be short, clear, and focused on the main content.
  • Calls and urges customers to take action such as shopping at the store, clicking receive offers now, do not miss the offer …
  • Contact information of businesses and stores: address, store hotline, brand’s website, etc.


Reasons businesses should use customer care messaging services:

Customer care messaging service is the optimal service used by many businesses today. It is seen as part of a marketing campaign to attract and retain their customers. It can be seen that customer marketing messages bring a lot of benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Regardless of the type of business, no matter what business your business is in, the customer care messaging service will still be suitable.
  • This is a low-cost but extremely effective form of customer care that can directly connect with customers’ subscribers. Therefore, many businesses choose to use SMS customer care services.
  • Mobile phones are devices that are extremely widespread today, used by most adults. Therefore, marketing or customer care via messaging is appreciated for its wide reach, not limited in space or time.
  • Businesses can easily combine with other marketing campaigns to promote the marketing process of products and services effectively. Understanding the essential information of customers also helps businesses promote products to the right target customers, bringing optimal marketing benefits.


What should be kept in mind when sending customer care messages?

When using the customer care messaging service, you should note the following information to avoid being penalized by the network operator for sending incorrect messages:

1. Choose the right customers

Customers can be divided into groups such as:

  • Group of potential and non-potential customers
  • New and old customer groups
  • Group customers by industry, age, interest, gender or region

2. Define and select message type

Specifying the message type here is understood as choosing the form in which the message is sent. Currently, the most popular form of choice and recommended by many experts is SMS BrandName, because messages are sent under the company’s brand name, making it easy for customers to identify. And depending on the campaign, businesses will choose advertising content or customer care content.

These are the reasons why customer care messaging services are increasingly chosen by businesses. If your business needs advice on customer service messaging, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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