Why should businesses hire Lokas to run Facebook ads in the US?

You are planning to do business in the US market but are struggling in the issue of promoting products to customers to know more. Facebook ads in the US will be one of the effective ways when facebook becomes the most used social network. But how effective facebook ads are is always a headache for newbies because you can’t find a source of quality information. In this case, you should learn and hire Lokas to do advertising.


Is it easy to run Facebook ads in the US?

  • If you’ve never run Facebook ads, you often don’t know where to start.
  • Even if I knew it, it wouldn’t work by myself (10 people ran, 9 people failed, thought it was enough to just set the ad. Seeing the ad I displayed tens of thousands of people, thought it was delicious, but it didn’t work. You must know how to optimize ads, A/B test campaigns, test content, test target, audience insight, …).
  • Hiring to run Facebook ads in the US by American staff is too expensive.
  • As for Vietnamese in the Americas, if they know how to run Facebook ads really effectively, they can’t dig it up.
  • Contact hiring personnel in Vietnam, they do not understand anything about the market in Europe, how to run efficiently.


When to run your own ads in the US:

  • Do you have knowledge about Facebook advertising in the US?  You may have run Facebook ads, know what SEO is, know the steps, and the cost for each channel. You should apply this knowledge in your business to reduce costs.
  • High cost: Depending on each case, the advertising cost will be high or low. High or low cost depends on a number of factors such as: whether the business is new or not, already has a brand and many people know it, what industry you are in and the experience of the advertiser in the US, etc. If the cost is too high, it is clear that running it yourself will be more beneficial for you, but it only applies in case you are knowledgeable about facebook ads in the US.
  • Trading in difficult goods: mainly services such as consulting, settlement advice, medical services, etc. Because of these services you know best, it will take a long time for an external advertiser to understand your service. But important are still the two factors above. Tai-Star-Nen-Thue-Lokas-Lam-Dich-Vu-Quang-Cao-Tai-My-1

Why should you hire Lokas as an advertising service in the US?

  • You do not have enough knowledge about Digital Marketing.  If you do not have a list of Digital Marketing channels, do not know what the cost for each channel is, the steps are like, then it is clear that you must hire your own Digital Marketing staff.
  • Moderate cost. You can hire advertising services in the US or Vietnam (compare strengths and weaknesses between advertising services in Australia and Vietnam). Normally, the cost of hiring advertising staff in Vietnam is quite cheap, but they do not understand anything about the US market and culture. And it would be great if you could find an advertising service in Vietnam that understands the US market. Or you can go to Lokas, we have worked a lot with partners in Australia, USA.


If you are currently having difficulty bringing your products to the US market. Please contact us immediately for more detailed advice on running Facebook ads in the US. Facebook advertising in the US to bring your brand to the world will no longer be a difficult problem for Vietnamese people, it is not too difficult anymore.

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