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Why should businesses use a call center integrated with CRM?

Is your business in need of building, deploying and installing a professional PBX system to best connect with customers? So, have you heard of the call center integrated with CRM ? The following article will only answer your questions.

What is a CRM integrated call center?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management – ​​a customer relationship management system that helps businesses control transactions, interact with customers and understand what they need, which target group they belong to, etc. to propose solutions. fit.

On the other hand, virtual PBX allows businesses to make a series of incoming and outgoing calls at the most economical cost. Not only that, this tool also allows recording transaction content, calling in/out according to a designated list, managing charges…

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<span>CRM integrated call center was born to help us easily contact customers directly</span>

The combination of these two tools allows businesses to increase the efficiency of customer care activities many times over. Accordingly, it allows consultants to directly access user information available on CRM or record customer data if it is a new user.

Accordingly, every time a customer calls the line, if they are an old user, the information about their name and the content of the old transaction will be displayed on the phone screen to help the consultant take better care.

Outstanding functions of call center combined with CRM

Autoresponder mailbox

Automating customer inquiries with autoresponders is a very important function of integrating virtual call centers into CRM. Accordingly, this function guides users to the most accurate redirection steps or the simplest solutions to their problem.

Automatically update customer information

When a customer calls the switchboard number, the software will automatically ring the notification. If this customer already has data and is stored on the CRM system, all detailed information about them will be displayed directly on the screen (purchase history, service usage, calls, meetings). …) to help the counselor take better care.

On the contrary, if this is a new customer, CRM will automatically pop-up an information frame for the trader to record user information for other purposes later.

Call routing

In order not to miss any customer calls, the routing function will help businesses increase revenue indirectly and effectively improve the user experience. Accordingly, based on the company’s working hours, this software will automatically redirect users’ calls to extensions during office hours, depending on the priority of the problem.

On the contrary, if outside working hours, customers will be sent waiting notices, recording requests or diverting calls to mobile numbers for care.

Recording and archiving

Support integration with the switchboard to store call recording files and manage recording files for playback. At the same time, support recording detailed charges for each call, including: call date and time, incoming channel, extension number, connection time, talk time, .. This will help businesses manage customers customers more efficiently and improve telesales skills for consultants.

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Do it directly with the software

All customer information and transaction history are updated directly on the call screen of the consultant, including a pop-up information frame to update new customer data. As a result, search, dialing, data entry and storage operations will all be optimized quickly.

Reasons why businesses should use call centers in combination with CRM

  1. Help save costs and time in the management of the business

Because the call center system combined with CRM has automatically updated all customer information, so we no longer have to waste time managing information by conventional methods. Administrators easily monitor all activities as well as more convenient in decentralizing employees to perform their jobs and functions. Moreover, CEOs are also more convenient in receiving and managing all activities of corporate departments.

  1. Help increase the number of customers and increase loyal customers

It can be clearly seen that the first reason that businesses should use a call center solution combined with CRM is because it helps to increase the number of customers and increase the number of loyal customers. Because this system allows to manage customer information in a scientific and centralized way. With just one click, all customer information is displayed in full. Thanks to this, it will help the care staff improve the quality of service as well as help best meet the needs that customers want. And of course, when customers are satisfied with the service quality of the switchboard, then the number of customers also increases significantly.


With some is some brief information about the combination call center with CRM that we also provide. Hope to help your business save a lot of management time and operating costs. Wish your business success with this combination!

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