Why should you hire an agency’s facebook ads account?

Facebook advertising in recent years has been rated as one of the best ways to reach the target audience. However, running Facebook ads requires knowledge and experience, otherwise businesses can waste budget while not getting any conversions. So  is hire an agency’s facebook ads the optimal solution, what should be noted for this marketing activity to be effective?

Disadvantages of using a personal account to run Facebook ads

Facebook ads account is locked: this is the most frequent problem and also the hardest to fix. Once Facebook is locked, it will be very difficult and most of the time it is impossible to get your account back, it is imperative to create a new account, this will hinder the effectiveness of your campaign, especially missed opportunities in a long time. certain time.


Long wait time for approval: Ads from personal accounts are difficult to be approved, the reason is that Facebook assesses the credibility – trust is not high because of the fact that the advertising accounts are messed up. individuals in Vietnam make the “big man” unhappy. While, running a campaign with a Business account, the browsing speed is extremely fast.

High bid:  For businesses that rent out Facebook advertising accounts, most of them are Facebook’s partners, so they enjoy very favorable bids. If your business is not an official Facebook partner, using a personal account will cost you quite a bit.

Limited spending:  In case your business wants to boost advertising costs, it is not a good idea to use a personal account yourself. Because Facebook may limit your account budget, making it difficult to run and complete your campaign goals.

In addition, in the Vietnamese market, the situation of running out of advertising money occurs frequently. This also makes Facebook “harder” to this market of millions of people. Because of understanding the above unwanted troubles, besides that, Lokas also supports and leases Agency accounts for individuals, agencies, advertising agencies with many attractive incentives and costs.


Why should you hire a business Facebook ad account?

With extensive experience in the field of Facebook advertising, choosing to rent a Lokas business facebook advertising account will bring the following benefits:


  • Advertising account is an agency account: Your business when renting a Facebook advertising account will be allowed to conduct campaigns in the name of an advertising agency: professional and more preferential.
  • Support for quick handling when the account is locked for no reason or shows abnormal signs.
  • Ad accounts are regularly updated with the latest features.
  • Stable spending account, easy to change
  • The cost of running ads is cheaper, reducing the budget
  • Ads browse faster, display faster, spend faster
  • Unlimited spending/day, do not affect advertising

Who should rent a Facebook ad account?

  • The business has run ads but the effect is not stable.
  • Accounts bite money slowly and the approval process is quite long.
  • Businesses want to accelerate Facebook advertising campaigns with a large budget.
  • Businesses with campaigns require better customer reach in a time and cost effective manner.


To be effective when renting a Facebook ad account, you need to find a unit that is not only reputable but also has operational experience to advise, measure campaign effectiveness or fix problems. Come to Lokas and we will help you create the most effective advertising campaign.

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