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Why should you use a virtual PBX service for your business?

Virtual PBX service is considered a new innovation that brings outstanding benefits to businesses and it also gradually replaces the previous traditional PBX.

What do businesses get when using virtual PBX services?

  1. Function to receive and distribute incoming calls

  • Receive incoming customer calls from the internet
  • Identify customers already in the system or new customers
  • Allows adding customer information directly on the chat
  • Automatically distributed to the operator group

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  • Display caller number and caller information
  • Queuing incoming calls when the group is busy
  • Playback music, programmable notifications
  • Unlimited time
  • Transfer calls within the group, to another group, to an external network (for consulting)
  • Organize a conference meeting
  1. Manage calls effectively with IP PBX

  • Grouping telephone agents by function (customer care team, sales team, service introduction group…).
  • Allows setting up call distribution rules (according to the time the agent answers, by number of calls, by position, by combination).
  • Statistics of call traffic, drop rate, queue status, answering status by group or by operator.
  • Management and statistics of telephone operators by code and by group, regardless of
  1. Quality call recording

  • The Call Center solution provides a special function of call recording, which is applied a lot in practice, it provides a perfect solution for storing and controlling conversations in the system. system.
  • Call Center records conversations in many file formats .gsm, .wav, …
  • Integrated with audio file format conversion software, allowing playback through a simple, easy-to-use program.
  • Recording leaves a message when the user does not pick up the phone, allowing the user to listen again
  • Update call to database
  • If you are looking for a reliable business collaborator, Omicall is the perfect choice.

What businesses does the virtual PBX service apply to?

Undeniably, virtual PBX plays an important role in contributing to the success of users. Currently, the virtual PBX service applies to many customers, specifically:

  • Businesses have a need to use a PBX, but do not want to invest a lot of money for a private PBX system.
  • Enterprises have many branches, employees operate in different locations
  • The enterprise does not have a fixed office.
  • Businesses want to be professional in customer support

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