Why should you use brand messaging services to reach customers?

Brand messaging is also known as SMS Brandname, Brandname Message, SMS Marketing. When businesses send advertising messages or customer care messages to the customer’s phone number, the sender section will display the business name or brand name registered with the network operator.

How does brand messaging work?

The operations to send branded messages are done on the service provider’s software, but cannot be sent manually like regular SMS. And the cost of sending messages will usually be cheaper than regular SMS. The more messages sent, the better the price, and depending on the field, there are also different preferential prices!


How to use brand messaging to reach customers?

It can be said that brand messaging is an extremely effective marketing channel to promote brands, products and services of businesses. As mentioned in the 3rd rule about sending messages. Not all cases can you apply brand messaging to advertise and bring success. Choosing the right time to send a message is also an art to make customers loyal to the business brand. Here are 6 appropriate times to use brand messaging as an SMS Marketing strategy that you can refer to.


Using SMS Marketing after Customer care calls

Customers are very busy. It is even possible to forget what has transacted with you in just a moment. Using brand messages to remind will make customers remember you longer. A simple message after a customer care call will make the relationship with the customer better. Content can be a simple question to assess service level. Or remind customers to do a specific thing.

Use SMS marketing after a meeting or sales referral

Meetings or sales pitches may not work for everyone. SMS Marketing is very effective in this case. You send a message to all the event participants, asking them about their personal problems and needs. This is also an opportunity to approach and advise more customers.

Using SMS marketing as a communication tool

If the Enterprise organizes a product display at a fair, or has a new announcement throughout the system. Brand messaging can replace you as communication in this case. You can send messages instructing them how to join.

During the event, you can send information about hot promotions waiting for them. Adding an SMS reminder about the promotion after the end of the workshop will increase the chances of the campaign’s success.

Small note: Send brand messages during breaks, mealtimes, or after the event. Because customers will feel bothered if you send while the program is in progress.


Congratulations on special occasions

Birthdays, or anniversaries, holidays… are suitable occasions to get closer to customers.

Businesses will have loyal customers if they apply the above 6 ways to use SMS marketing.

Of course, this is only a small portion of the best recommendations. You should apply the right selection for your Business.

With a clear understanding of what SMS Marketing is, it will help advertisers have a successful SMS customer care campaign for businesses if they know how to use it effectively. Software and sms marketing services are always what businesses are interested in in the 4.0 era. You can refer to CrmViet with integrated SMS Marketing automation feature.

Reconfirm registration (trial, promotion)

After the customer registers to try the software. Or subscribe to receive promotional information, you should send an SMS marketing. A simple message to congratulate, remind or announce will make You more professional.

Note: Do not send too many messages at once, you will be in big trouble.

Use SMS Marketing to remind product use

This is especially useful and highly effective.

A user manual message and regular use reminder will make customers more trusting you and the product.

It is also very useful when the customer has almost used up the product. Reminders to return to the store with special offers will surely captivate any customer.

The above are suggestions on how to reach customers with brand messages that bring the best effect for businesses. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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