Sms Marketing

Why use sms marketing in business?

You are a business, you want to promote your products to new customers and show gratitude to old customers, but you do not know which marketing tool to choose. So why don’t you try sms marketing ?

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a part of mobile marketing, which is marketing activities through sending sms (messages) to phone users. From there, achieving the purposes of advertising, introducing products, thanking and appreciating customers and meeting the marketing goal of reaching and interacting with many audiences. SMS marketing is marketing via SMS.

Why should you use SMS Marketing?

Imagine, you have a list of 5,000 customers with full information: full name, gender, phone number, email, contact address …

What will you do to take care of them or inform them of a new product: make 5,000 phone calls? send 5,000 handwritten letters to each person? 2,000 VND for each 2 minute phone call. It will cost you 10 million VND and 170 hours. 800 dong for a postage stamp. You will lose 4 million dong and a whole week of labor. The cost as well as the time to do so is clearly not feasible.

If you have SMS Marketing you just need to compose an SMS template, use an SMS marketing system to send it and wait for the response.

Sms Marketing 1

Thereby, it is easy to see the advantages of SMS marketing such as: low cost, fast implementation time, wide reach, friendly method, close to customers..

The benefits and effectiveness of using SMS Marketing

  • High rate of reading and opening messages

Using mobile phones has now become a habit of many people, so the rate of reading and opening SMS Marketing messages is very high, about 98%. Compared to the form of Email Marketing, the way to do SMS Marketing is 70% more effective and the average time to open and read is 48 hours. The difference is huge.

  • Affordability

Compared with conventional marketing methods such as through newspapers, TV, and leaflets, SMS Marketing is easy to use, low cost, and the benefits are not inferior to other forms of marketing. 1 SMS marketing with only 550 VND-850 VND can immediately introduce your product to 1 customer. So introducing the product to 1000 customers only costs 600,000 VND, it must be said that it is very cheap.

  • Fast transmission of information

Remember rate > 70%, which means 70% of message recipients will remember the content they just received at least during the day because they can still see the promotional message when checking their inbox on their phone.

  • Fast sending speed

Compared to Email Marketing, SMS Marketing’s message delivery speed is much higher, messages sent will almost immediately reach customers. In addition, you can send messages to hundreds of customers at the same time with very low congestion rate.

  • High interoperability

With SMS Marketing, customers can contact you easily by texting or calling directly through the phone number you use to advertise.

With such significant benefits as above, those are the reasons why your business should choose SMS Marketing for promoting its own products and brands.

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